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How To Increase The Muscle Size

How To Increase The Muscle Size

Your Muscle Routine

OK, a lot of us work hard to gain muscle, but when you work with your muscle routine for a while and your result is ZERO, in this moment you feel like you have hit a mount. If you reach this level, NOW it’s the time to make something different for your body.

Muscle Routine Improvements

Add more weight and intensity to your workout

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The important tip ever is to add more weight. You need to force your muscle to getting bigger by increase your weight lift, and you can make some change by intensifying your workout by making it a continuous circuit, lifting faster and trying to hit muscle overload, this will ensure that you will gain lean muscle mass faster while conserving energy.

Eat the right foods

Many men can not name 6 natural food, which are a high source of protein and are low GI foods. These men not focus on this area of their work out, and the funny thing here that they wonder why their gains are slow or virtually non-present.

The Rest

The important tip ever is “you should have a rest”. Yes, a lot of men take the rest issue as a luxury of work out, which is this think is wrong because if you really want to lean muscle fast, you are going to work out hard and get adequate rest “your muscle only grows while you sleep”. Don’t confuse post-workout pump with muscle growth. One disappears half an hour after the work out, the other is pretty permanent and can be built on.

Now we are not telling you that, you should not train hard to gain the muscle that you desire, but you need to give your body time to rest and recover. You must work with a program that has a balance with workout time, intensity and rest.

You can check below some reasons of why you should try your best to avoid over training:

It affects your metabolic rate

It can affect your nervous system in a negative way.

It also affects your immune system

It can affect your hormone levels in a negative way.

There is other factors to be considered when you need to maximize your muscle growths, check info below:

Proper Nutrition

This is extremely important. If your diet is not on target you will not get the nutrients necessary to regulate hormone level, build new tissues and provide your body with energy.

Proper exercise and Training Volume

You need to decide how intense you should workout each day. The aim is to increase intensity as you improve. You have to base this on how well your body recovers from your last training session.

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