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Eye Contact Of Women,Best 4 Signs to Attract Women and Girls

The eyes are the windows to women and girls soul, a lot of us know and heard about this secret but you can use your eyes to be the window to attract her towards you. When women or girls connecting with you try to focus on their eyes and that’s will attract them to you. If a girl is attracted you, the eyes are only way to tell you, so pay attention and open your eyes for these eyes contact of attraction clues.

Checking you out

We love to name it “The Vertical Scan”, when you contact with girl you can notice that she fall downwards and check you out as all and that going from head to toe, sure guys do the same and check out women and women do it too but in depth.

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The vertical scan is a really terrific body language signal and from it you can notice that she liked something in your face and she wishes to see all of you to catch the complete package of you. If you notice there is a nice smile or the girl turns away to keep you from noticing she keep check you out, be sure, this girl ready to be more close from you.

Bonus Tip: when women attract to you, turn yourself away and give her a chance to scan you and suddenly turn and catch her in the act, this small trick will gain you the upper hand and you will leave her vulnerable and open to you.

The Kiss Scan

After passing the above scan and building rapport and an emotional connection, she begin the next level which is “The Horizontal Scan”, now the women or girl like to kiss her. Your face will be under examine from her eyes and she will search yours from right to left, left to right. Her eyes moving like that to tell you that she need a kiss rather than asking you straight to kiss her. Now, if you really recognized this Horizontal scan, it’s the right time to move forward and kiss her.

The Doggie Dinner Bowl Look

When girl attracted to you she has huge dilated pupils with tilted head and a slightly lowered which is look exactly like a doggy waiting for his dinner. That act is an unconscious response to attraction the girl is feeling toward you and that involves the pupils of the eyes becoming visibly dilated which means the pupil becomes so large that more black than the color is revealed in the eyes.

Be attention from pupils of dilate because there are a lot of reasons for this like: when eyes come under dark or low light, response to alcohol or drugs, so be wise and watch out if she is snorting, injecting, drunk or smoking. Another thing could be happen if the situation is getting more romantic between you and your woman and her pupils are dilated, that’s happen because there is response to what is occurring in between the both of you.

Small test, sometimes maybe you doubt about dilated pupils and this test and we will tell you, can help you to do something fun to catch and capture her and raise your value, and NOW, Look deeply into her eyes and ask her to visualize a nasty, raunchy love scene and she will begin spinning her brain to think of something very interesting, check out just how her pupils get larger.

Eyes Widening

Be more than sure when you see the widen eyes from your girl, that mean she attracted to you.  There are reasons for this act, which are:

She love and want to look more attractive to you, so she makes her eyes bigger, therefore making herself appear prettier.

She subconsciously opens her eyes wider because she wants to see more and clearer and that mean, she likes what she sees.

In girls world, Larger eyes is an appealing facial feature and that make girls look more attractive, especially to men they’re interested in.Girls widens her eyes to appear more attractive to you. And if she wishes to look more attractive to you, then things are about to go all right.

Blind eye

Do your best to don’t turn a blind eye to the window to her soul. Eye contact of attraction can say volumes, so be attention to see exactly what she is trying to tell you. Do not turn a blind eye to her eyes and if you do this, that will break your chances with that lovely girl with the lovely eye contact. If you need professional help to successfully attracting beautiful women, visit The Tao Of Badass Program, click here.

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