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How to BBQ Safety, Safety Tips for your Barbecue and Grilling

O2 “oxygen” is risky and everything around us is risks, we can say that, you should know what these risks and how to reduce them are the secret of success. Cooking outdoors, whether grilled low and slow or hot and fast barbecue , there are some tips and things you need to know to make sure that nothing goes wrong and how to get the most out of your kitchen.

When you combining explosive fuels with food , hot metal, and large groups of people can be a recipe for disaster if you’re not careful . Now, we will tell you tips for more security outdoor cooking fire only .

How to BBQ Safety

Dealing with Fire

All of us know that, fire is the most destructive power in the world and invites you in your garden for a small barbecue. The first thing you need is a fire sprinkler, and also you need to know and how to control fire . All grills and smokers around the world cause thousands of fires , hundreds wounded , dozens of deaths and millions of dollars in damage. You should know how to cut the fuel supply , fire suppression and call the fire department . Our big tip here is, always have a person in charge of fire at any moment, a fire chief, if you want. Over all, put in your mind that you should also know something about the treatment of burns .

The security of Food

The bacteria eat all kinds of food imaginable , even Brussels sprouts . Bacteria grows at any temperature and frost is kept alive until the temperature reaches about 165 degrees F. Every second that give between these two temperatures , multiply and cause disease in your diet. We recommend that until it enters the mouth or on the grill , keep cold. The second ends to serve , it goes back in the fridge. Here are The basic rules : everything  is suspect , covered it at all time, keep calm , Get it Hot, and use your head ! . Remember that you are more likely to get food poisoning are from getting the flu.

Main Instructions

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The manual, you will have a lot of questions and you will be amazed when the answer was in the manual, as we did, so our tip here, is read the manual. Follow all safety restrictions to the letter. it’s your fault, If you have a fire and not follow the instructions , no matter what. Grills , gas and charcoal smokers of all specified operating ranges . You should know this before starting. Do not postulate that your new grill works apply as last year and the same rules . Tip: You can find manuals for most grills and smokers on the manufacturer’s website .

Smoke issues

You will find that, smoke cover all of your body and get in your hair, clothes, eyes and lungs. Although much of the experience is the smoke from the grill, you should be careful with smoke . The smoke from the grill or smoker contains carbon monoxide , polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs ) and other hazardous substances. PAHs are carcinogenic substances formed during the combustion of fat. How didn’t love the smoke of BBQ but for you health please do not breath that smoke. Enjoy the smell away and remember that the younger you are when you are exposed to the worst kind the things result. “BBQ-Book can help you about all what you need for Awesome BBQ, click here.

Fat, Lard and Grease

It was bad enough that use flammable materials to your kitchen , but the food is to create more. Flares are more than a nuisance , are potentially lethal. The fat that accumulates in your grill accumulates over time. It’s easy to get several pounds of fat on the bottom of the grid after a few barbecues. That’s why you must keep your own barbecue. When you keep your *Grill clean, it is will be safer than gas or charcoal grill. In addition , smokers are not exempt from this problem since we have seen many smokers uncontrollable grease fires . So no matter what you use , get fat out.

The Place

It is very important to keep in mind that, the location is everything when it comes to placing your grill or smoker. Every year hundreds of people make that hit home, garages and decks, as they have not put them grill or smoker in the correct location . The manual tip “nr 3”, will tell you the minimum distances around your unit should be kept clean. We suggest you take a good look at your team and the worst fire we can imagine. Make sure there is nothing (buildings , trees, etc. ) in this space. Keep your eyes open and watch the people around you and make sure that the grill does not force people to walk too close to hot surfaces and that children will not be playing nearby.

Gas Safety

The main cause of gas grill fires is an obstacle in the way of fuel. This takes place largely behind , below or inside your grill where you ‘re not looking and here you need to regularly rummage your gas grill for the problems. Insects and other mealy bug can get into small places that cause gas to flow where it should not . When you notice any sign of problems outside of you control values ​, jump fast to turn off the fuel tank and disconnect everything . Gas grills produce large amounts of heat that can melt pipes , buttons and other parts . Reckon everything is hot burn of third degree.

Security coal

Charcoal grills are the cause of many fires over the grill. The number one problem with barbecue charcoal lighter . There is many problems coming from Lighting fluid and should find a better way to light your coals. What the hair off your face is actually lighter burning adds suspense . Lighter fluid  turn into a heavy gas at a comparatively low temperature . Although liquid , liquid petrol lighter burns , evaporated ( gaseous ) operates less fluid . Move the instructions to the letter and never let lighting charcoal becomes a Sun

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Cuisines flesh “especially red meat and chicken” at very high warmth to surface charring occurs can cause cancer causing substances “hetero-cyclic amines (HCA )” to form . If you eat a lot of barbecue you need to worry (although we do not know exactly how much). To minimize the risk , it is necessary :

Use  brine and by this way you may reduce the risk of almost 98%.
Do not cook food over the limit.
Maintain the temperature of the door relatively low “less than 600 degrees at the cooking temperature”.
May you need to use your meat in thinner or smaller cuts and you can try kebabs and the taste will be fantastic.


After reading the above tips, which really should not have to ask . When you set your meals for grilling and smoking, that requires clear thinking , predominately when it’s time to revoke it all together . For your drink, you need to your head clear and save it after the fire is out and let someone else does the dishes.

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