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How To Seduce Women,The-Art-of-Seducing-a-Woman

How To Seduce Women-Essential Criteria For Seduction

It is clear to many that have criteria is essential for romantic success with women. This means that if you know what you are specifically looking for a woman, you’re bound to be disappointed. This factor is the source of great pain. Take the “one-it is” very common example. You see a girl and maybe interact a little with him. Maybe even go on a few dates and connect a couple of times.

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Then she leaves him in the dust, for any reason. Since they have only been together a few times, there’s no way that you really know what it is. Which means you have no idea if it is a match for your criteria, as it really is not.

So what do you do? Most guys just assume that it is perfect (even if it is not) and they fall in love with an idea of ​​what you think it is, when in reality it is nothing so.

On the other side of the coin, you can connect with someone, just do the opposite. Never leaves you alone. Because you do not have a criterion, quickly fell head over heels (largely due to the same reasons – their assumptions about it instead of it real).

So now you are stuck with a guy that does not leave you alone, and you get to know, the more you realize you’ve made a big mistake.

Having a solid set of criteria can solve these two problems before they start.

Now, when I say normal, I mean no more physical criteria. Anyone with a pulse can come with physical criteria field without having to think. This is not what we’re talking about.

What we are talking about is your personality, beliefs, self-confidence, the degree of self-responsibility, and if it is a potential nut job psycho stabbed in the eye with an ice pick while sleeping or not.

But more men almost always forget. But it is substantial.

It is clear that it must be you. Please return calls. You must report on time. There should Thesis front of his friends.

If you do all these things out. Do not punish, or to prove their manhood, or overcompensate for their end-hurtfulness but simply to disqualify. As if you discovered that smoked, or was wrong political party, or a Mormon, or whatsoever.

Do not waste your precious energy trying to “prove” that you are right and she is wrong. It is a waste of time. Only disqualify, and shift your focus away from her and towards the most qualified candidates.

It’s actually pretty easy to do once you have solid plans for your life than running disqualified candidates. The more you build your life, the more their standards are.

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