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How to Control Your Emotions

Controlling your emotions does not mean ignore them. This means that you recognize and act on them, if not random and control when you want. Take control of your life by taking control of your emotions.

Emotional control, do not let emotions control you

Know your emotions. There are a million different ways that you can feel, but experts have classified human emotions in some basics that everyone can understand: joy, admittance, fear, surprise, grief, disgust, anger and conjecture.

Ardor, for example, is a manifestation of fear – the fear that you are not “as good” as anything, the fear of being abandoned, because you are not “perfect” or “best”.
What types of situations that provoke emotions, and be able to tell the difference between anger and fear; sometimes several emotions can run the same time, and the person who goes through the emotions may not be able to distinguish between the two.

Recognize that emotions are not just mysteriously appear out of nowhere. Many times, we thank you for our emotions on a subconscious level. Recognizing your emotions on a conscious level, you are better able to control them.

It is also good to recognize an emotion of the moment materializes, rather than leave the building and intensify. The last thing you want to do is to ignore or suppress their feelings, because if you’re reading this, you probably know that when you do this, tend to worsen and degenerate later.

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Ask yourself throughout the day: “How do I feel right now?” If you can, keep a paper note of situations that have caused an interesting emotion in this way, you can help ..? identify when he appeared instead of letting it escape tie.
Take ownership of your emotions. Do not blame others. Recognize when you try to blame others for their emotions and not let your mind get away with these things. Full responsibility for your emotions will help you better control.

Observe what is going on in your mind when emotion appeared. Stop and analyze what I thought, until I find that thought made this emotion.

Your boss can not make eye contact with you at lunch, for example; without even knowing it, thinking that maybe the back of your mind, “He was about to shoot!”

Consider the evidence that supports or contradicts the thought that caused the emotion. Start connecting the dots about why you reacted the way you did.

When you start thinking about it, you may realize that since no one gets along with this particular boss can not afford to actually shoot anyone, because the department is understaffed.
For example you may have missed something that should not have said that angry, but it was too late to fall back. His reaction at lunch may not be what you thought it was.

Ask yourself: “What is another way to look at the situation that is more rational and more balanced than the way I looked before” Explore all the possibilities If nothing else, think of other possible interpretations alert?. to many different scenarios, and the difficulty of drawing hasty conclusions.

Taking into account this new evidence, we can conclude that your job is secure, regardless of harassment by his boss and was relieved of emotion that was bothering him. If this does not work, however, continue with the next step.

Consider your options. Now that you know how exciting it is, think of at least two different ways you can respond. Their emotions take control when there is only one way to react, but always have a choice. For example, if someone swearword you, and you experience anger, your immediate response would be insulting again. But no matter what emotion there is always at least two alternatives, and probably you can think of others

Do not react. Do nothing. This approach is especially good when you know that someone is intentionally thwart egg. Do not give in; when you an emotional response, the person you are encouraging no-show, will be frustrated and eventually stop.

Relax. Easy to say, hard to do, but there are ways to relax that do not require much training, experience or the will to power. When we are angry or upset we press our jaws and tense. Taking a deep breath is an easy and efficient way to pack the emotional turmoil. It will not dissipate anger, but you can score one or two points, enough to stop saying or doing something they later regret.

Do the opposite of what you normally would. For example, you feel embarrassed when your spouse does not regularly dishes. Instead of engaging in a discussion of the second note the dirty dishes, washing dishes and silently say to your spouse – a calm and collected manner – you want help you are given everything at home.

Move away from the situation. Say you’re in a working committee that includes people who are blurred, angry and unproductive. Always angry when attending meetings. A strategy to deal with this disorder, frustration and anger is asking to be reassigned to another committee. Basically, you remove yourself from a situation that you know they generate, strong and unnecessary negative feelings.

Make a decision. When deciding what to do, it is important to ensure that it is a conscious choice, not a reaction to another competition emotion. For example, if someone insults you and do nothing, it is your decision, or is it an answer to your fear of facing? Here are some good reasons to act:

Principles – Who do you want to be? What are your habits? What do you want the outcome of this situation? Ultimately, what is the decision that you would be most proud of? This is where the religious orientation comes into play for many people.
Logic – What is the course of action is more likely to lead to the result you want? For example, if you are being confronted with a street fight, and want to take the pacifist route, you can walk – but there is a good chance that you will be insulted if you give drunk bustle back. Maybe it’s better to apologize and keep talking until he calms down.

Recognizing the ideas that cause negative emotions

Change your point of view. The above steps show how not to let your emotions control their behavior in the field. If you want to experience negative emotions less to start, change the way you see the world. If you learn to be optimistic and relaxed, you will find that negative emotions are less appearances to consider.

Being optimistic is important. Instead of letting emotions take over because pessimistic expect, try to believe in the idea that the world is basically good, and that people get what they deserve, and you are a good person. You can start finding that prospects change their emotions.
Recognize that there are certain things you will not be able to change. These things are not worthy to be frustrated. You probably will not change the way some people drive your car, for example. Not worth bothering about. What can change is your reaction to people who drive dangerously and selfish.

Remove a bunch of selfish fundamental beliefs that give rise to annoy your negative thoughts and emotions. There are many irrational ideas that upset us repeatedly. This is all wrong, but many of us are inclined to believe at least some of them part time. Here are some preconceived ideas about themselves that are bad because people think themselves too good ideas:

I have to be perfect in every way to be useful.” No one can be exemplary in everything we do in life. But if you believe that you are a failure if you are perfect in every way, setting yourself up for a lifetime of unhappiness.
“I must be loved and approved by all that is substantial to me.” Sometimes one can not help but make foes, and there are people in the world that carry the unwillingness of almost everyone. But you can not make your own miserable life trying to please them.
“When people treat me unfairly because they are bad people.” Most people who are being treated unfairly have family and friends who love them. People are inter-mixture of good and bad. Maybe there is something in you that dislike.
“It’s terrible when I seriously frustrated, abused or rejected it.” Some people have a short fuse, as they are constantly losing jobs or jeopardize friendships because they are unable to withstand the slightest frustration. The world will not see for yourself. Be regardful of others.

If something is dangerous or fearful, no need to worry.” Many people believe that “work of worry” helps make the problems go away. Go crazy doing things to worry about. “Okay, sure. Now, what’s next on the list that I have to worry?”
“It’s terrible when things do not work exactly as I want.” Would you have prophesied the course of your life? Probably not. Similarly, you can not predict that things will work exactly as you want it even in the short term.

Eliminate many negative beliefs about themselves. There are people who are not considered strong enough: Your self-esteem is essentially in the gutter, and emotions are the result of not being able to love themselves properly.

The misery comes from external forces can not do much to change.” Many prisoners describe their life like a cork up and down on the waves of circumstances. You can choose to see you as an effect of their situation, or a cause. Take responsibility for your actions.

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“It is easier to avoid the difficulties and responsibilities to face life.” Even aching experiences, once we get through them, can serve as a grounds for learning and future growth. It is childish to go through life thinking that the difficulties are never touched.
“Because the things in my past control my life, they must continue to do so now and in the future.” If this were true, it would mean that we are inmates of our past, and change is impossible. But people change all the time – and sometimes change dramatically! You can be anything you want to be in essence; just believe in yourself.

I can be as happy as possible by doing nothing and having fun, taking life as it comes.” If that were true, almost all rich or comfortably in retirement people would be as low as possible. But instead, finding new challenges as a path to growth. encouraging you to believe you would be very happy to do nothing. People need novelty being satisfied.

Recognizing the ideas that the worst negative emotions

Learn how to avoid the cognitive distortions that make things seem worse than they really are. Most of us have heard the expression, “look at the world through rose-colored glasses.” But when used cognitive distortions, you tend to see the world through mud-colored glasses! Here are some ideas you should stop rolling in your head if you catch yourself thinking of them.

Avoid negative thoughts that come to feel inadequate. If not from low self-esteem, the idea that you are not good enough to deserve something or someone. Banish the failure of their emotions as much as possible, and you can see him from doing things.

All or nothing thinking. Everything is good or bad, with nothing in between. If you are not perfect, then you are a failure. You procrastinate doing things that are not perfect until you have no choice but to do so.
Disabling the positive. If someone says something nice to you, does not count. But if someone says bad things about you, “I was known from the beginning.”

Personalization. You think it was because something bad happened, if not really have much to do with it. And ask a friend to help you understand your emotions or concerns for you to have someone to tell.
Mind reading. Do you think someone is disrespectful and not bother to check. You just assume they are. This is because he feels he does not deserve respect, and therefore is too sensitive to people who can not respect what you think.

Avoid negative thoughts that come from fear. Humans can be afraid of many things; we let fear take over our rational brains because we believe something bad will happen, even though we have no evidence that it will.

Over-generalization. A single negative event becomes a never-ending style of defeat. “I did not have a phone, I’ll never listen to anyone.” O “She broke up with me, why anyone would want to date me?” Not because a pattern is prevalent, but because he fears the pattern.
Labeling and mislabeling. This is an extreme form of over-generalization. When an error that put the label as well as committed: “I’m a loser.” When someone’s behavior rubs you the wrong way, you attach a unfavorable label to him: “It’s a louse” Mislabeling involves describing an event with language that is highly colored and emotionally loaded ..
Fortune Teller mistake. You think things are bad, and you become convinced that it is a fact. You do not have any evidence of prophecy, but you are convinced anyway.
Jumping to conclusions. You make a negative even though there are no concrete facts to support its conclusion convincingly interpretation. Think prepare for the worst is better than hope for the best, because you’re afraid there is no hope.

Avoid negative thoughts that come from other complex emotions. Do not succumb to these naysayers emotional reactions. Have faith in your ability to work things through. Believe in your own value. If you find yourself thinking any of these thoughts, focus on change in a positive way to interpret its value.

Magnification (catastrophic) or minimization. Imagine you are looking for yourself or someone else through a pair of binoculars. You might think you’ve made a mistake or take someone else is more important than they really are. Now imagine that you have turned the binoculars around and you’re looking through them backwards. Something you did may seem less important than it really is, and someone else defects might seem less important than they really are.

Emotional reasoning. You assume that your negative emotions necessarily reflect the reality of things. “I feel, therefore, it must be true” You want to make the world how you feel because it will help you feel less helpless.

If states. You fight for yourself as a way to motivate yourself to do something. You “must” do, “should” do, “should” do, and so on. This does not make you want to do, it makes you feel guilty. When you direct should statements across others, you feel anger, mare’s-nest and discontent.

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