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How Foreskin Restoration Works

How Foreskin Restoration Works ?

Welcome, in this post we will do our best to clear important information about Foreskin and How Foreskin Restoration Works ? please complete reading.

Foreskin partially retracted over the glans penis, with a ridged band visible at the end of the foreskin. Source Wikipedia.

Non-Surgical Foreskin Restoration is the process of extending and growing penile shaft skin, and/or remaining foreskin to aesthetically and functionally resemble a man first, natural foreskin. The extension and growth of new skin is absolutely possible.


New skin cells are forced to grow by applying some form of tension / pulling device to the shaft pores and skin. With constant and consistent application of the chosen restoration method, in other words – with tension constantly being applied to one area of epidermis, new skin cells grow as a result of it’s expanded (stretched) condition.




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The medical profession uses a similar principle. In plastic surgery, for example, a doctor may place a balloon gadget under an area of skin on a patient, and slowly over a period of time inflate the balloon to expand and grow pores and skin tissue surrounding the inserted device.

Many men ask “how do I restore my foreskin?” or “How can I be developing foreskin.” Non-surgical restoration is always the most preferable method – and provides the most natural, normal looking restored foreskin. There are however, surgical options available, although they come with risk and results are not generally very successful. Consider the time it takes you to restore non-surgically as a healing process.

Regarding the method you chose to use to restore: it’s not uncommon to try two or three different methods or/and devices before a foreskin restorer, finds the technique that works best for you in:

  • Comfort.
  • Practicality of use.
  • Ease of fitting method/gadget into lifestyle.
  • Ability to tolerate prolonged constant use.

Many devices to revive foreskin are simply impossible to wear to bed, for example. So spend some time examining comparison charts so that you can decide what method you will try first. Check devices links below:

NOTE: Most beginners start with the “T-Tape” technique as it may be the simplest to make at home, for virtually no cost, and is an effective tried and tested method of restoring your foreskin. But you may not like having to use tapes, if that’s the case then you must resort to investigating tape-less non-surgical.

So being new to foreskin restoration doesn’t have to be complicated! Simply: research the methods comparison chart, decide on which method may suit your lifestyle/speed of growth desired/ease of use/discretionary needs, etc.

At the end, do you use/have method to restore your foreskin, share it with us in comment box below.

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