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How to Test Vaginal pH at Home

How to Test Vaginal pH at Home

Your gynecologist might have examined your genital pH often. You may determine the level of acidity or alkalinity of your personal genital secretions.

Why exactly should we use the house vaginal ph level test package?

You might want to test out your genital ph level when you have uncommon genital symptoms, such as itchiness, burning up, bad genital smell, or an irregular genital discharge, to assist you determine if you require medical treatment.

Nevertheless , you ought to understand that this test will never help identify HIV, chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea, syphilis, or group B streptococcus.

Regularly, when ladies experience uncommon vaginal symptoms, the initial thing that comes to mind is usually vaginal candida infections.

In case you experience genital symptoms that you think are a vaginal candida infections, this check will help you guideline out other forms of vaginal infections prior to you make use of O-T-C medicines intended for vaginal candida infections.

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How can i make use of the house vaginal ph level test package?

The home genital ph level check contains a bit of pH check paper and a color chart to get determining your vaginal ph level results.

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To do the check, contain the ph level check paper against the wall structure of your vaginal area for a few mere seconds.

Next, evaluate the color of the ph level check paper towards the color graph. Whilst the color may not really be a precise match towards the chart, you should select the color your test result most carefully resembles.

So what do the outcomes of my home genital pH check mean?

Regular vaginal ph level is a 3.8 to 4.5, somewhat acidic. The home genital pH check kit steps pH on the scale of just 1 to 14. Abnormal genital pH might be higher or lower than regular genital ph level.

High genital ph level figures show much less level of acidity, whilst reduce than regular vaginal ph levels reveal high level of acidity. Abnormal genital pH regularly indicates the existence of a genital infection.

Nevertheless , you ought to know not all genital infections trigger changes to vaginal ph level. This means that using a normal genital pH check does not really mean you do not have a vaginal disease.

If your genital pH is usually over regular, the most likely reason is definitely that you have bacterial vaginosis [BV] and not a candida infection.

In this instance, don’t make use of O-T-C medicines pertaining to genital candida infections since the medicine will not deal with BV. You will require to call at your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

However, if your genital pH is definitely regular or beneath regular and you experienced previous yeast infection diagnosed with a doctor, you can test one of the O-T-C medications intended for vaginal candida infections.

In the event that the O-T-C medication to get vaginal candida infection will not cure your vaginal symptoms or infections, see your doctor pertaining to analysis and treatment.

Did you used pH Vaginal Test at home? What’s your results? tell us your story in comment box below.

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