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Treat Vaginal Infections


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Hello, Vaginal Infections are big issue for women and also for men because it will be repulsive to having sex with women have vaginal infection, for that, we did our best to set all informations relate to Vaginitis. Please check content table to can move in article easy and do not forget to write your cure, opinion and info’s in comment box after finishing reading this article, let’s start.

Vaginitis refers to inflammation of the vaginal mucosa leading to a vaginal discharge. Vaginal discharge is a substance that can be attributed to many different kinds of discharge, though certain attributes can help distinguish one disease entity from another.

The majority are not sexually transmitted but instead represent an over imbalance of the proper vaginal flora.

Vaginitis can include issues such yeast infections and allergic responses of the skin of the vagina.

The best way to treat vaginitis is usually to first understand the kind you have so you can receive the proper treatment, since every type of vaginitis is definitely treated in a different way.

Understanding Bacterial Vaginosis

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Diagnose vaginitis

The easiest method to figure out what kind of vaginitis you have is to see a doctor. There are certain signs and symptoms you may experience that point to vaginitis, which means you need to see a doctor.

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If you have any abnormal discharge or vulvar symptoms, they should be checked by a physician.

You should also see the doctor if you’re sexually active and could have an STD, the discharge can be malodorous, you have atrophic symptoms and are of perimenopausal or menopausal age, or if you have a sexual partner, either male or female, with trichomoniasis.

When you go to the doctor, she/he will perform a pelvic exam to examine the vaginal vault and the vulva to check for swelling and inflammation and obtain a sample of discharge for examination.

Doctor will also examine your cervix to determine if there is any discharge coming from the cervix itself, indicating a cervicitis, which can be a STI such as chlamydia or gonorrhea.

Doctor may take swabs from the cervix or have you submit an urine specimen to double check for these STDs.

Learn about bacterial vaginosis (BV)

BV is certainly a disturbance of the natural balance of the vagina. It produces and when the bacterial flora is interrupted and the pH of the vaginal flora is higher than normal.

This often develops in women who use douches, have multiple sexual partners, and who smoke.

Notice the symptoms of BV

There is normally one main symptom of BV. You will have a white, milky discharge that has a fishy odor. The simplest way to diagnosis BV is through a test done by your doctor. Doctor will take a sample of the discharge for microscopic examination in the office. Under microscopic exam, there are the presence of Clue cells. Which bacterial cells are coated.

Doctor might also perform a whiff test, which is where she’ll check for the characteristic fishy smell.

Take medication for treatment

Once you have been positively diagnose with BV, you will receive treatment for it from your doctor. Treatment typically consists of oral metronidazole tablets such as Flagyl. You should have a 500 mg tablet twice daily for one week. You can also use Flagyl Gel, which is a topical treatment. You use one applicator of gel a day at bedtime for just one week.

A similar but newer antibiotic, tinidazole, or Tindamax, may also be prescribed. You take one 2mg pill once a day for a week.

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Try natural remedies to prevent recurrent BV

There are multiple natural remedies that you can try for BV. You can take probiotics to restore the natural stability of bacterial flora in the vaginal flora. These can come in the form of oral probiotic you take twice a day one week to intra-vaginal dosing for 30 days.

Research has shown that the use of a lactobacillus supplement by women who have recurrent BV along with antibiotic therapy helps manage the disease.

You can also try eating yogurt with a probiotic every day. You should also avoid douching. Your organic vaginal secretions are intended to keep the vagina cleansed and it needs nothing more than external cleansing with soap and water to be cleaned properly.

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Understanding Yeast Infections

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Learn about yeast infections. A yeast infection, or vulvovaginitis candidiasis, is a very common condition. Though only 5% will have repeat infections. More than 50% of women experience or lived once in their lives. A yeast infection often when taking a course of antibiotics, which disrupt the natural number of lactobacilli in the vagina body develops.

The symptoms include complaints of a thick, cottage cheese-like discharge. This is accompanied by an itchy and irritated sensation around the vulva and vagina. This can make those areas irritated and sensitive.

Some women may get recurrent episodes, which are described as 4 or more infections per year. However, this amount of frequency is rare.

Diagnose a yeast infection

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You can generally tell in case you have a yeast infection at home. If you notice the symptoms, you can do a visual examination to see if you fit all the criteria of an infection from yeast.

On visual exam, you should start to see the inflamed labia and vulva. You should also notice the obvious discharge, which will be thick and white or yellow along the vaginal vault. There should be no odor.

Look out for repeat fungal infections. In case you have 3 or more yeast infections a year that are unrelated to antibiotic therapy, you should take note and seek a medical diagnosis. It’s also advisable to become vigilant because there could be an underlying cause of the infections, such as for example immunosuppression from HIV.

Try not to over self-diagnose

If you simply tell your physician you have a yeast infection without proper examination, your family provider might call in a prescription in an attempt to be helpful. This may not be helpful because you could have a more insidious disease, such as an STD.

Treat an infection from yeast. You can use a 150mg oral dose of diflucan once. You may also use the topical creams diflucan or clotrimazole, which are available over the counter in most drugstores. Topical creams are the most popular treatment because they can be purchased over-the-counter.

Most of the topical medications have similar medical safety and efficacy and none of them are better than other others. You can get different variations that differ in the amount of times you need to apply. but you can also get creams that you need to use for up to a week.

If you think you might have trouble remembering to apply a nightly cream, the single dosage oral therapy might be better for you. However, this method does require a prescription.

Understanding Trichomoniasis

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Learn about trichomoniasis

Often called trich, trichomoniasis is a type of vaginitis that is caused by a protozoa or parasite. It affects up to 5 million people in the US each year. This organism is usually a small parasite with a tail.

In men, if trich is definitely undetected, it can lead to chronic prostatitis. Trich has some common symptoms. The discharge is will likely be green and cause itching. It will also have a fishy smell.

This disease can be sexually transmitted, so if you think you have it, you should let your sexual partner know so both partners can be tested and treated before resuming intercourse. If one of you is diagnosed then both of you need treatment.

Diagnose Trich

Traditionally, the analysis for trich is done in a doctor’s office. This will cause the parasite under the microscope to swim across the field and be identified. A little wet is done by placing vaginal secretions under a microscope with a drop of saline.

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There can be doctor discrepancy. Because of this, your doctor may also perform more standardized testing, such as a PCR assay to determine exactly what disease you possess. You may also be given a pap smear as well.

If this is not treated in pregnant women, there may be complications during childbirth, such as low birth weight and prematurity due to premature rupture of membranes (PROM).

Treat Trich

As with BV, trich could be treated with oral medication such as Flagyl. The usual dose is certainly 2 grams orally once. You should avoid alcohol while taking Flagyl.

Your partner should also take Flagyl at the same time. While you are taking the medication, intercourse should be avoided until both companions have completed the round of treatment.

Some studies recommend the usage of Tindamax for trich as well. If prescribed, you will only have to consider one 2 mg dose. This medication has a cure rate between 86-100%.

Understanding Other Forms of Vaginitis

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Find out about atrophic vaginitis

There is only a certain group of women who’ve to worry about atrophic vaginitis. This type of vaginitis is caused by the normal hormonal changes that occur as you age as well as the decreased estrogen production. These tend to lower the creation of the natural secretions that keep carefully the vagina lubricated. Up to 40% of menopausal women will have this problems.

It is often accompanied by pelvic floor weakness and additional genitourinary symptoms that predispose you to urinary tract infections. These various other disorders should be ruled out by your doctor with as test.

Recognize the symptoms. Atrophic vaginitis is a disorder that causes vaginal dryness and thinning of the vaginal mucosa. This causes itchiness and painful intercourse. This can occur outside normal menopause when a woman is sent to a premature menopause by removing ovaries for other conditions.

Treat atrophic vaginitis with hormone replacement therapy. You can treat this type of vaginitis with oral hormone alternative therapy (HRT). This will replace the hormones lost when going through menopause.

HRT is taken daily in pill form.
An alternative to HRT is called Osphena, used once a day to treat vaginitis.

Atrophic vaginitis treated with creams

Estrogen creams may also be used to alleviate the symptoms of this condition. This cream is absorbed by the skin when applied to the vaginal area. This will take effect and treat the symptoms are concentrated in the vaginal area.

Understand contact dermatitis vaginitis

Similar to any other get in touch with or allergic dermatitis, this kind of vaginitis is an allergic reaction. Instead of presenting symptoms elsewhere, your skin of your vagina reacts rather.

This can be due to the detergent you used in washing your underwear, a douche, a condom, a lubricant, or any other product that comes into contact with the area.

To treat contact dermatitis vaginitis, you should remove the object that is causing the issue. This may take some investigation, but you should try to find what you are allergic to as soon as possible to relieve the symptoms.

You can then use steroid creams that are available over the counter, such as for example hydrocortisone cream 1%, and apply them to the region twice a day time for five days. This will reduce the signs of itchiness and irritation.

You can also take antihistamines such as Zyrtec or  Claritin to help with the reaction. Consider one 10mg daily for symptoms.

In severe cases , you may want to see a physician for a prednisone taper to get immediate relief.


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