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Why Learn Multiple Instruments ?

Every instrument includes a role, or group of roles, in a larger ensemble context. While musicians generally possess a single primary device that they devote nearly all their period towards mastering, it’s quite common to “dual” on similar instruments aswell. So, a sax participant may also play the flute. A guitarist might grab the banjo or mandolin.

A pianist might begin playing an electric keyboard. When you “double,” you are often playing an instrument in the same overall family, so that most of the skills you curently have are portable, providing you a leg up to a person who hasn’t touched it before. Professional skill on multiple instruments often means that you will get more gigs.

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Another approach is usually to understand instruments that are even more alien to most of your instrument as a way of learning more on the subject of music generally and expanding your horizons, instead of only expanding your marketable tool arranged.

Here are a few of the lessons that different instruments can train us, even if we simply take a few lessons to obtain the basic skills and ideas down.


The piano allows us to play multiple notes concurrently. The keys are laid out to ensure that you can see them all at once. This makes it an especially good device for learning music theory-especially scales and chords. Additionally, a lot more than any additional instrument, the piano is capable of doing many instrumental functions, and perform them concurrently.

A melody can be played by you, accompaniment, and essentially appear to be a complete orchestra with just one single player. Therefore, the piano is an excellent teacher, and several would argue that severe musicians are well offered by some fundamental piano skills.


Singing may be the most instant, intimate, personal type of music making. You do not need equipment or money for singing. It is also very exposed; their sense of height must be tightly controlled. While a pianist does not have to worry about playing in tune. That’s the majority of the fight, for a singer.

Nothing at all makes music even more internalized than singing. Singing can be an excellent practice tool, assisting to internalize your knowledge of the music before you introduce the distraction of your instrument, as an interim stage. All musicians should sing.


Just like the piano, the guitar is capable of doing a lot of musical roles, guitars are more portable than pianos, though, plus they don’t need a professional tuner.

They are which means weapon of preference among many songwriters, who can chuck a guitar in the rear of their pickup truck, drive up a mountain, and then utilize it to write songs while looking at a sunset. Also, They write in a different way on guitar than on piano. There is also a muscle playing rhythm guitar that people find it helps deepen the groove of writing.

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Drum Set

Drummers concentrate on nuances of timing, feel, and meter, and playing a drum beat will provide you with a deeper knowledge of the essential underpinnings of music.

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Drummers have their personal vocabulary, notation. The absence of pitch, much like dark and white pictures forces an focus on form and texture. So, you can find out a lot from a small amount of drum set study.

Electric Bass

Playing electrical bass will ground you in harmonic movement, and in addition tie in the harmony to the rhythm of the music. It really is elemental, stripping aside all the elegant footwork, of program, acoustic bass does a similar thing, nonetheless it is more costly and difficult to get, simply for a few laughs, so if your objective is to simply monkey around and appearance at the globe in a fresh way, then the electric will probably be a much better bet.

Wind Instruments

Trumpet, trombone, flute, saxophone, recorder-any wind device requires breath, which means, it can help give you a feeling of phrasing.

Playing a wind device is similar to singing. Both gives your music a feeling of humanity, because they are linked with the breath (as is usually talking).

That is particularly very important to pianists and guitarists, who can play limitless strings of notes with out a pause. Playing a wind device will help you make your music make even more sense.

In the event that you ordinarily play a thing that is merely single voice, try guitar or piano. In the event that you play something high, try something low. Change between a pitched and a percussive device. Plug in, or proceed acoustic. Find your complement just.

Many musicians feel constrained by life forms that have been set before them in the fourth grade, when the zoo instrument came to school and choose which one they like best, when they were nine years old.

It doesn’t have to collection your destiny, though. Complement, or just enhance everything you are playing on right now.

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